If it enjoys the Hida-TAKAYAMA, the European plan is recommended. RYOKAN GOUDO

To foreigner's customer

The person who can speak the foreign language doesn't descend this pavilion to this pavilion though the use of the foreign country is also possible.
Therefore, please acknowledge being not able to talk about the answer that reserves the foreign country.

RYOKAN-GOUDO is a hotel of a European method that exists in tourist spot "Old town" of HIDA-TAKAYAMA.
It is a hotel suitable to feel the HIDA-TAKAYAMA though gorgeous equipment is not equipped.

There are two baths of the tree making.
Both are chartered systems.
It is possible to use it free of charge if becoming empty from 16:00 to 23:00.


There are five guest rooms in all.
*The bath and rest room doesn't attach to the guest room.
*There are yukata, a toothbrush, a bath towel, and a towel in the guest room.

We will guide the restaurant in range for ten minutes by dinner and breakfast walking from RYOKAN-GOUDO.

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